Inventor who contrived all products of GLAMI 



  • Nam Jong Hyun Invention History Museum
    Nam Jong Hyun Invention History Museum
    Depyung Nam Jong Hyun Invention History Museum which is for youth inventors who have dream of invention is opened in 2009
  • Welcome Hall
    Welcome Hall
    Welcome halls shows you the purpose of Nam Jong Hyun Invention History museum. It exhibits writings about introduction with Inventor's conviction. and the medal from the Korean Government and Photos with former presidents of Republic of korea as well.
  • Invention Hall
    Invention Hall
    We exhibit trophies from abroad and domestic, plaques, photos, articles about the greatest inventor who take Grand Prix of the world 10 major invention exhibitions.
  • Society Contribution Hall
    Society Contribution Hall
    You can figure out the inventor's faith about social reduction of corporate profits. Such as Scholarships for elementary, middle, high schools and Universities, supporting National Sports promotion, Military support, Local events etc. are exhibited.
  • Domestic Award Hall
    Domestic Award Hall
    You can check the consumers loyalty to our products through numerous domestic trophies, plaques, related photos and articles.
  • Overseas Award Hall
    Overseas Award Hall
    You can find Abroad trophies, photos, articles are exhibited from the greatest inventor who won the world 10 major invention exhibition.
  • Costume
    This is tranditional costume called Daesoo in your left. Kings and noble wore Daesoo in grand ceremony. This Daesoo was used in Seoul World's costume festival held by Glami in order to introduce Korean culture and virtue to diplomats and their family in 53 different countries in 2006.
  • Relic Hall
    Relic Hall
    This hall exhibits antiques from a direct ancestor of Dr.Nam, TaeKi Nam, called Jookri, and especially the white porcelain worth 10,000,000,000 won recognized throug KBS programe called Jinpoom Myungpoom. This white porcelain is historically quite high.
  • Training Hall
    Training Hall
    Training Hall is visited by a group of people and other enterprises who request inventer Dr.Nam's speech and various training course programs are conducted.
  • Sports Hall
    Sports Hall
    Sports Hall exhibits activities in youth sports, handicapped sports and other unpopular sports in order to support and encourage the players to grow into the member of national team.
  • Products Hall
    Products Hall
    This place showcases the world-renowned inventions produced based on Glami's business philosophy of striving harder to realize the dream of extending life spans to the delight of all mankind.
  • Patent References Hall
    Patent References Hall
    Reference from the first patented in Korea are exhibited and you see the history of invention of Korea.