Dawn808 has the first patent in Korea as well as in the world for hangvers


Damina909 (Health supplement product)

The world best inventor who was honored with a number of international prizes for inventing “Damina 909”, a natural tea for bolstering stamina, is exerting incessant efforts to create products that can realize the dream of extending lifespan of man.

Damina909 (Health supplement product)

Volume : 140ml

Attracting compliments and encouragement of the world, the new health food, the first of its kind in Korea, was introduced at nternational food scientists’ conferences.
Domestic Awards
2014.12.19Koea LOHAS approved- 9 consecutive years_Korea Standard Association
2015.04.03Technology Best Award_Korea Standard Association
Overseas Awards
2008.10.27Special Prize from the World Genius Convention in Tokyo_Japan
2007.11.08Best Contribution Award from the World Genius Convention in Tokyo_Japan
2002Gold Prize from the int’l invention exhibition_Japan
2001.07.10Great Grand Prix from the 4th int’l invention exhibition Archimedes 2001" in Moscow_Russia
2001Great Grand Prixfrom the int’l invention exhibition_Bulgaria
2000.11.20Great grand Prix from the int’l invention exhibition_Belgium
2000.05.17New Millenium Best Award from the 16th Pittsburgh Int’l invention exhibitionn_USA
2000Gold Prize from the 16th Pittsburgh Int’l invention exhibition_USA