Dawn808 has the first patent in Korea as well as in the world for hangvers


Glami Yukhyang(Natural seasonings)

Glami Yukhyang is a 100% natural spice made mainly of garlic, ginger and licorice. It enhances taste and flavor of meat and fish while removing their smell. Now use the natural spice Glami Yukhyang, a magician of taste, for cooking meat an fish.

Glami Yukhyang(Natural seasonings)

Volume : 2.5g / Stick 50g

Domestic Awards
1994.04.181994 Silver prize from the 22nd Int’l invention exhibition in Geneva_Switzerland(food&beveragecategory)
1994Gold prize from the 8th Int’l invention exhibition in L.A_U.S.A.(food&beveragecategory)