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제목 [CNN] 20 Delicious Korean Drinks - 2017.07.12. CNN
작성일 2019-08-12

(CNN) — Traditional Korean beverages roughly fall into two categories: alcoholic and nonalcoholic.
While this may be indicative of Korea's long-standing love affair with alcohol,
there are close to 200 types of traditional teas, juices, and grain drinks associated with the latter group, known as eumcheongnyu (음청류).
Winnowing that list down to 20 drinks required many tasting panels and difficult decisions,
but nevertheless, here is our list of the top 20 most interesting and delicious Korean drinks:

20. Dawn 808

Also sometimes known as ahjussi juice for the portrait of the kind grandfatherly figure beaming from the can,
 Dawn 808 is the ultimate hangover elixir.
Made from traditional herbs and roots, the taste is reminiscent of hanyak (한약), or traditional Korean medicine.
 Knock back a can of this after one of those drinking bouts that has lasted until the subways start up again in the morning
 and it will ensure that you won't be completely useless when you wake up for work the next day.
Can be bought in any convenience store.

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